About Us

AMSA Global Enterprises LLC, was born with the desire, passion and commitment to help others achieve their personal fitness goals developing socially responsible products.Pal is much more than just a wearable tracker. As a company, we have always been interested in social awareness. Last New Year's eve we went to Mérida Yucatan, Mexico and visited a very beautiful town called Izamal.

In this town we made our first contact with Fundacion Haciendas del Mundo Maya that represents more than 20 traditional Mayan workshops and 200 artisans, mainly women.We have been working hard developing Tushi Pal, our new generation 24/7 Optical HRM-Fitness Tracker, that merges 3 concepts, technology, tradition and design.


Since the beginning of the year we have been juggling ideas on how we could integrate our 3 basic concepts with the Mayan workshops. We had the technology so we needed to add the other 2 concepts.

Through Taller Maya, the commercial branch of the foundation, we came up with the idea to develop our tracker cases.

As a result, we will develop the cases in 3 different techniques, Jipi Japa, Sisal Back Strap loom and Sisal costurado. All the cases are handmade and signed by the artisan through a personalised label which will make them unique.

With the cases we added the second concept to the mix.


Our third concept was added by printing dedicated designs to our Tushi Pal's sweat-free straps inspired in traditional patterns giving them a beautiful look and feel.

We strongly believe that Pal has the power to inspire people to achieve their personal fitness goals and at the same time help others keep their traditions and craft alive.



Tushi Rocks Team