FAQ HRM-2518

Q1. Is the Tushi Heart Rate Touch Watch waterproof?

R1. Yes, the watch is waterproof.


Q2. Can the Watch monitor heart rate?

R2. Yes, it does have a heart rate monitor function.


Q3. Would walking on a treadmill or in place be counted?

R3. Yes, it will work on a treadmill.


Q4. Would this device sound if I set an alarm on the watch?

R4. Yes, this Watch has vibration alarms.


Q5. What comes in package?

R5. The Tushi Finger Touch Heart Rate Watch and the manual.


Q6. What functions does the Watch have?

R6. Finger sensor to measure heart rate, set your own alerts for heart rate lower and upper limits. Monitor the calories you burn while exercise, how much time you exercise, burning fat and the heart rate. Chronograph your activities up to 35 laps. Features 5 alarms in one day to wake you and an activity reminder to help push you harder toward your goal.


Q7. Does it read your pulse? Blood pressure too?

R7. Yes, it does read your pulse.


Q8. Can I play music and hear it on the Watch?

R8. No, you can not hear music on this device.


Q9. Does this track stairs?

R9. It tracks the steps you take up the stairs, but it doesn't know you're doing "stairs"