Q1. Is the Tushi P1 Tracker waterproof?

R1. It is water resistent it can withstand, rain, splash, sweat, and it is shower-resistant, but not fit for swimming.


Q2. Can the tracker monitor heart rate?

R2. No, it does not have a heart rate monitor function.


Q3. Can this tracker connect with two mobile phones at the same time?

R3. No, it would not, it coonetcs with one phone at a time. If you connect with the second mobile phone, your data on the previous phone won’t update to the second one.


Q4. Would walking on a treadmill or in place be counted?

R4. Yes, it will work on a treadmill.


Q5. What’s the Bluetooth version of this tracker?

R5. Bluetooth 4.0, if your smart phone is not Bluetooth 4.0 then the tracker can’t connect with your phone.


Q6. Does it need a night-by-night recharge or less?

R6. The battery can be used for one week or more depending on the use. If you use it a lot then it will constantly have to be charged.


Q7. Would this device vibrate if I set an alarm on the phone?

R7. Yes, this tracker has vibration alarms.


Q8. Does the Tushi Tracker incluyes a USB charger?

R8. Yes, it comes with a USB charger. 


Q9. What comes in package?

R9. The Tushi tracker, a usb charger and manual.


Q10. What functions does the Tracker have?

R10. Within the OLED screen you can see steps taken, calories burned, distance walked or ran, time of excercise, % of goal reached, silent alarm and sleep monitoring. Once connected to our APP you can monitor the functionas above + your sleep performance.


Q11. Does it read your pulse and can I use it with my desktop PC? Blood pressure too?

R11. No it does not read your pulse or blood pressure. It does work on either PC or tablet.


Q12. Can I play music and hear it on the tracker?

R12. No, it only vibrates for alarms.


Q13. Does the tracker work o Kindle or a Windows Phone?

R13. NO, it does not. It is only compatible with iOS and Android Systems and phones.


Q14. Does tracker have a watch function?

R14. Yes, it displays the date and time automatically once the APP pairs with the APP and includes alarms.


Q15. Can I change distance units from miles to kms in this device?

R15. Yes. you can set the Tracker to work on imperial and metric systems within the APP


Q16. Do you have to have the device synced with your app as you are working out?

R16. No, you can sync the tracker at the end of the day. 


Q17. Does this track stairs?

R17. It tracks the steps you take up the stairs, but it doesn't know you're doing "stairs"


Q18. After the battery runs out, how long will it take to charge the battery?

R18. The battery fully charges in around 60minutes.


Q19. My data can be uploaded to icloud or something like this?

R19. No, all the data will be stored in your phone.


Q20. With what devices is the Tushi Tracker compatible?

R20. IPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6Plus. Ipad 3, 4, mini, mini 2, mini 3, air, air 2. Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, Note 2, Note 3.