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 Lena Jon - Amazon Review

March 16, 2016
Lena Jon


 Just me - Amazon Review

   5.0 out of 5 starsGreat tracker for fitness, March 12, 2016
Just me
This review is from: Tushi Fitness Tracker Wristband P1 (Sports)
I currently use the fitbit surge. My sister has the garmin which helps to push her to do more. That is what I like about this tracker. Works every bit as hard as you do to ensure you get the most out of your workouts. Not only does it track and manage all your daily fitness activities, but it helps to motivate you to push harder to reach your fitness goals faster. I am super happy with this tracker and will be using it more often than I use my fitbit. I received a discount in exchange for honest unbiased review.


 Jewel - Amazon Review

This review is from: Tushi Fitness Tracker Wristband P1 (Sports)
Very comfortable and very easy to read! There are so many fitness trackers out on the market now, I personally have gone through several! I really like this particular one because I feel like it not only looks better but it feels more comfortable on my wrist. The display is a bit wider bright. It is so easy to look down and see my progress (which I do like 100 times a day!). Other trackers I feel are very small and thin- this one feels more like a wristwatch than a bracelet. And it performs beautifully!

With this tracker, you can measure steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, time of exercise, a percentage of you daily goal, and monitor sleep patterns. I mainly use this to count steps and distance covered, as those are my main focus. The sleep thing is pretty cool to have, but I don't really like to sleep with it on. The tracker can be linked to your phone and connected to an app called "Smart Fit". There are QR codes for IOS and Android printed right on the box. This will allow all of the data you create to be stored and you can see your results over time.

The charger is really cool- it is this little magnetic piece on the end on a USB cable that you just pop onto the bottom. The band says it will stay charged for 4-5 days, but I am in the habit of allowing it to charge every few nights just so I do not risk it dying on me in the middle of the day. I like that I don't have to disassemble the tracker or remove a pod to charge!

Overall, I found the tracker easy to use and pretty reliable. Again, I prefer the look and style to the more traditional thin band versions of fitness trackers. Just makes more sense to me!


 MW - Amazon Review

March 19, 2016


 J. Graham - Amazon Review

   5.0 out of 5 starsLove this fitness tracker!  March 12, 2016
J. Graham
This review is from: Tushi Personal Fitness Activity Tracker P1 (Sports)
I am loving this fitness tracker from Tushi.
You Need to charge this in a USB port on a computer for it to start working.
Once you insert the fitness pod into the USB cradle, insert it into your PC. You will see the blue lines appear and it will start charging.
During this time you can download the app that is needed for tracking your activity.
I own an Iphone 6 with the iOS 8 operating system and I just used my redline scanner to scan the app code on the insert inside the box. Then my app started to download. I opened it and began to start setting up my fitness tracker.
You will need to insert your weight, height, age, stride length and gender.
Now the tricky part for me was doing the conversion of height in CM and weight in KG and stride in CM. Thankfully there are online converters for this.Once that was done, I could set my goal. I then synched my device with my phone and wah-la. All set up.
The app it uses is Smart fit.
This fitness tracker will track your steps, calories burned, how far you walked and how long you wore the device.
I love the girly color of this tracker strap. The purple is a nice touch.
It is a bit hard for me to get fastened so it's snug enough on my wrist.
The tracker display will wake when touched or wiped toward the arrow. It will show you the time and date with one touch, steps with the 2nd touch, calories burned on the 3rd touch, then how far you walked, your goal and alarm timer.
This fitness tracker tells you Time, Steps Taken, Calories burned, Miles Walked, Time Walked, and there's a Challenge.
Challenge is a percentage of your step goal you have reached so far. When you sync it up with the app, it provides all this information at the touch of a button in the app. Love it!
I've been using this for over a week and am loving it's functions.
Nice clear instruction booklet included.
You will receive a Wrist strap, display pod and USB charging unit.
I'm very happy with my results wearing this fitness tracker. It's like a fit bit but less costly.
Would make an excellent gift, but since it's bluetooth capable you do need an Android or Apple based phone to utilize all it's functions.
Very easy to connect and pair.


 D.A.V.E.2016 - Amazon Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Tushi P1 Fitness Tracker.  March 16, 2016
This review is from: Tushi Personal Fitness Activity Tracker P1 (Sports)
The Tushi P1 Fitness Tracker wrist bracelet is a great way to keep on track with your fitness goals. It’s a nice black rubber watch (with a purple colored underside) with a very bright blueish LED display that is easy to read even in bright daylight. The purple button controls all of the functions on the device. It will turn the device on from sleep, and cycle between the time, steps taken, calories burned, distance walked, and the amount of time spent active. If you hold the purple button down, it will go into sleep mode. Hold it again and it turns back on. The battery life is average for a fitness tracker at around four to five days, if you remember to put it into sleep mode when you are not actively using it.

Once you download the app for either iPhone or Android and sync your phone up to the bracelet, you can begin keeping track of the number of steps you’ve taken, calories burned, and percentage of goal reached. You can use these features without the app, but having the app makes everything much easier to use and configure with nice looking graphs and charts showing your results. The band is comfortable and sweat resistant (but not water proof) so don’t use this if you’re going swimming.

Highly recommended and should be a good product for all you fitness buffs.